I Have A Dirty Mind

I had a very, very dirty mind. 

That’s right. 

And if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got a dirty mind as well. 

Let me back up a little and explain what I mean by this!

I’ve had the unique privilege of working with and learning from some of the world’s greatest teachers and I want to share with you a quick story and give you some coaching today on what changed the whole game for me around wealth creation. 

This is what took me from a kid who was asked to leave high school to someone who could create a multi-million dollar income, pretty easily, working from home! 

I remember exactly when this journey started. 

I was backstage at a seminar and I had somebody that you would know, a man named Tony Robbins say something to me that I’d heard before.

He said to me,

“Scotty, you know, money is made in the mind.”

I was like WOW, I’d heard that before!

 I still get goosebumps when I share this story because it was a transformational moment for me. 

The reason it was such a WOW moment for me was that only a short time before, Sir Richard Branson, who I’ve been blessed to meet a number of times with and go on holidays with his family and so forth, said to me the same thing. 

“You know, Scotty, money is made in the mind.”

And before that a man named Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote that incredible book and the whole series called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” who again, I’m lucky enough to have met a number of times and worked with, told me the same thing. 

I’d seen the pattern here! These incredibly rich successful people all had a belief that money was made in the mind. 

I can tell you, the third time I heard it I was excited because I was like; 

That’s great news because I’ve got a mind! 

But, there must be some bad news because….. I don’t have any money!

I wasn’t making a lot of money at that stage in my life and it was then I realised the reason I didn’t have a lot of money was not because I didn’t have the right strategy or the right vehicle.

I wasn’t making money because I had a dirty mind. 

Me and my dirty money mind

I had a dirty mind around this thing called money because I’d learned from my well-meaning dads (and I had three of them before I was 10) that what you’re supposed to do is get a good education, get a good job, and go work hard!

So I did all those things and then I went and got my own business and worked even harder! 

But I still wasn’t financially successful.

What nobody ever taught me was that I needed to create a different story around this thing called money. 

What I was supposed to do was create a new mindset around wealth creation, what it means to me, how it serves me and how it’s a spiritual guide. 

So, I’m here to coach you and say if you’re not making the money you want to be making right now, you might have some strategic challenges. You might need some support on that; on your marketing, on your sales, on your content, on your product creation, sure.

But I’m telling you, from my experience, and from the thousands of people I’ve coached on this, the place to start is looking to see if you have a dirty mind like I did. 

Boy, was it was dirty! It was cluttered with old stories and old limiting beliefs. 

I mean, think about it; you’ve heard that nonsense from your mum and dad or your grandparents at some point –

Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

Money is not that important!

We’re not made of money!

There’s things in life more important than money!

I heard all these things growing up, and it was sticking around inside me.

Have you ever heard that metaphor that you can’t pour new wine into an old bottle? You’ve got to clean the bottle out first. 

It’s the same for your money mindset. You have to clear out the old beliefs and fill your mind with new ones for things to really start working for you. 

You could be reading all the books you want about wealth creation and all the strategy books from all the great teachers today.

But If you haven’t cleaned out that bottle, if you haven’t gotten rid of that dirty mind, you’re going to be in big trouble. 

So, here’s my coaching for you right now;

Ask yourself is there anything hanging around that’s getting in the way?

Do I have a dirty money mind in any way, shape, or form and is it time for me to create a new story? 

If it’s time for you to create a new story just write hell yes!! in the comments and together, we can go on a journey of helping you create a new money story. 

A new, fresh, clean, dynamic, excited, abundant mindset that’s going to allow you to create the wealth that you want!

How amazing does that sound?!

Do you know someone, a friend or family member, who also wants to have more wealth and money, and choices in their life? 

Pass this on and all of us together can go on this journey of creating the life we not only desire but the life that I truly believe, as your ultimate coach, that we all deserve!

I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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