Ultimate Coaching

Achieve lasting, profound success in all areas of your life with coaching from an Ultimate Coach!

Ultimate Coaching

Create Your Ideal Work/Life Balance & Get More Done!

Ultimate Coaching

Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Fears & Get Better Results

Ultimate Coaching

Overcome Procrastination & Start Taking Action

Ultimate Coaching

Take Your Existing Success To The Next Level!

Achieve lasting, profound success in all areas of your life.

Human beings do more, they produce more, they create more, they cause more and get more done when someone is holding them to a higher standard.

Dramatically accelerate your results and create lasting, profound success in your life by engaging with your own personal Coach. Each highly experienced Certified Coach has been hand selected and personally trained by Scott Harris to provide you with the Ultimate Coach experience.

Extract from yourself the absolute very best that you’re capable of doing, by having an Ultimate Coach look over your shoulder and point out opportunities or hurdles and obstacles that may be in your own way, while also holding you accountable to your own goals and supporting you on your journey toward your Dream Life.

Create Your Ideal Work/Life Balance & Get More Done!
Overcome Procrastination & Start Taking Action
Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Fears & Get Better Results 
Take Your Existing Success To The Next Level

For a limited time, receive​ a complimentary 40 minute Discover Coaching Call with a Scott Harris trained Ultimate Coach. This opportunity will see you start working immediately with your coach on transforming your path to success.

Hear From Some of Our Clients

If you know you’re at that place where you need to step up or you need to get out of a plateau or a flat spot, it’s absolutely worth it. It’s time and energy put in, but you’re going to get everything back tenfold.

Laura, Movement Trainer & Business Owner

There should be no hesitation. If you want to move forward, if you want to change anything, anything in your life at all, time and money shouldn’t be a factor. Because we only have limited time, and what you get back in value from the coaching far surpasses the financial investment.

Clarissa, Primary School Teacher
The outcomes I’ve gotten from coaching are essentially priceless – It’s really helped me redefine what my life is, design my life so I can achieve the outcomes I want for me and then I feel good about getting up every morning and going out and making things happen.

Kelly-Ann, Business Owner

If you’re ready & committed to change, take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and transform your path to success!

Ultimate Coaching Packages

Ultimate Coaching

Get coaching with a certified Ultimate Coach, who has been trained by Scott and his team for a minimum of 12 months.

Master Coaching

Get coaching with a Master Coach, an extensively trained, high performing coach that is personally endorsed by Scott and has 2 or more years of experience on Scott’s Coaching Team


Scott Harris is a leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker, with 20 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and audiences around the world and supporting them in creating phenomenal success; financially, physically and emotionally.


If theres anything we can do to support you on your wealth or coaching journey, or if you have any questions about any of Scott's events or programs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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