Join our team of Ultimate Coaches at the forefront of an expanding and profitable industry.

There are very few experiences that can be called “life changing”. This is one of those opportunities.

The key to being an Ultimate Coach is to be trained by the best. To put it simply, Scott Harris is the best. He is an active world-leading Coach, renowned and respected public speaker and successful business owner. Scott has dedicated his entire adult life to growth, change and inspiration.

Having shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Brendon Burchard, Dr John Demartini, T Harv Eker, Jay Abraham, and Anthony Robbins, Scott has personal relationships with some of the most influential people in the world. The industry’s leading personal development companies continually call upon Scott Harris to lead global events, teach extraordinary content and create millions of dollars in revenue.

Drawing on more than 20 years of extraordinary coaching experience, and with his proprietary coaching techniques, Scott offers this comprehensive and industry-leading program to train the world’s best coaches – Ultimate Coach Professional.

If you have a desire to serve people, make a massive difference in the lives of others and create personal financial success, then this elite training is what you need right now. You will connect with your life purpose, gain immense personal fulfilment and create financial freedom for your self and your family.

Will you be the next person to share the stage with Scott?

What Our Graduates Are Saying…

I had been dabbling as a business coach for over a year prior to doing UC Pro and needed something to move me into building the business so I signed up. I am ecstatic after completing UC Pro training in June.

Talk about getting what you ask for, July has been my most successful month by far. During July I signed up clients to 1-2-1 coaching programs with a total value of $53,500 – in my first month!


Scott Harris – I’ve said it before but I will say it again – it all started with you. Today I got the notification that I am ICF ACC accredited.

I also got notification that I’ve been named in CHRO Asia’s “100 Best Global Coaching Leaders” for 2016. Thank you for getting me on this path. Ultimate Coach Professional has been an amazing year journey… 2017 can only get better

kevin kan

I literally feel that Ultimate Coach Professional was like strapping on a jet pack and launching myself into a completely new reality. When I first became a single mum I was making $300 income per week.

Not only have I overcome and moved through so many old limiting beliefs and obstacles to create life for myself at a completely different level, but I’ve just printed out my current figures… and my average income for this year is $2,640 per week! Totally blown away, super excited and overwhelmed with Gratitude! Thank you for your belief, support and inspiration.

SaLlY holden

If coaching or being an influence in other people’s lives is your life’s purpose then this program is a must. You cannot get the skills & tools that Scott offers from an online webinar, diploma or program.

The Ultimate Coach program is the single greatest investment I have made in my business.”

Gary Carroll

What makes a great coach is a complex, yet teachable, mix of skills, tools, life experience and heart!

This opportunity is for people starting out their coaching business or making their transition to a coaching business, as well as for existing coaches wanting to take their business to that next level.

A successful career in coaching is suited to a select group of people who connect with their desire to serve and impact people at a deep level. People who leverage the ups and downs of their life experience and education to gain massive results. People who have an unquenchable desire to learn, grow and succeed. If this is you, Ultimate Coach Professional is what you’ve been searching for.

Ultimately, the ability to actively listen, ask quality questions, be honest, show empathy, work diligently & be coachable yourself will determine if this is your calling. After all, this should be your life’s mission!

The genesis of Ultimate Coach Professional was to create world-class Coaches that have impeccable coaching skills & tools, spectacular business awareness & kind hearts.

If this message resonates with you and you’re feeling excited, you are in a place of unbelievable growth, expanded awareness, and incomparable opportunity! If you feel drawn to success, leadership, true wealth and mentoring others, then a career as a professional coach may be your next step!

Lets talk about the business of coaching…

The coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Harvard Business Review has called it a billion-dollar industry (“What can coaches do for you?” HBR 2009). Yet most coaches are broke or not charging enough, or don’t have enough clients.

Learn directly from Scott what he did to move from coaching at $21 per hour all the way to $3,500 per hour. Discover his strategies to consistently signing up $100,000 clients. Learn how he created his first $1,000,000+ in revenue from coaching, mentoring & speaking.

This is not about creating marketing funnels, lead page generation & sales mastery. This is about the business of being a Professional Coach!

There Is Nothing Better…

There is nothing else like Ultimate Coach Professional in the entire personal development market place. Scott and his experienced team of industry leaders will teach, share, coach & mentor you in every facet of creating the coaching business you need… but this requires more than a weekend seminar! That’s why Ultimate Coach Professional is the most comprehensive and complete coaching & business development plan available.


Learn Scott’s own proprietary skills and tools that he uses to elicit amazing and transformational results for his own six figure coaching clients.

These proven success techniques are the core of the Ultimate Coaching success formula and throughout your journey, our support team will offer you countless opportunities to practice, use, refine and implement to develop your own coaching style.

Business Design

The Ultimate Coach Professional training is about building a thriving coaching business. It’s about doing the work and immersing yourself in it so that you are the irrefutable heavyweight champion of your niche.

Scott’s ongoing relationships to those with their finger on the pulse of developing opportunities ensures you’ll be kept at the forefront of proven business and marketing strategies and technologies.


Whether you are speaking to one or many, what you must learn is the art of masterful communication.

At Ultimate Coach Professional you’ll be learning the delivery of this craft from one of the masters. Scott has spoken to more than 12,000 individuals on stages around the world for many of the biggest event & personal development companies and is known as Tony Robbins’ number 1 trainer.

Effective Communication

Language is power. Your understanding of language and ability to deliver with precision and heart will become a huge factor in your success as a coach.

Whether you are speaking one-on-one or in front of thousands, we help teach you effective communication skills, which is the key to your message.

Marketing Machine

Build your image and brand, and effectively leverage online and social media to build your business and develop your expert niche.

Learn to talk to cameras like a professional and share your message virtually and virally to impact your online presence.

“Knowing what to ask, when to ask it & how to ask it is the key to being an extraordinary coach. This is about the business of being a professional coach!”

The Ultimate Experience

Ultimate Live Immersion

A Full 6-Day LIVE Event with Scott Harris and Industry Specialists including Voice Experts, Australia’s leading Executive Coach, Licensed Psychology/Therapy Experts, Leading Sales Training and more, delivered to you in a close and intimate environment set in a luxury Gold Coast location.

You will have immersion learning coupled with opportunities to coach live and receive real-time direct feedback and mentoring on your coaching. These sessions will help you develop your personal coaching style by building on the foundational coach training you receive.

This transformational immersion event is focused on teaching, mentoring and your growth as a coach, packed with opportunities to learn and develop your craft alongside the best of the best.


Every great coach has a coach. Receive 3 Months One-on-One Mentoring with your UC Pro Master Coach, mentoring you individually on your journey to becoming an Ultimate Coach.

You will get COACHED on your COACHING while you are COACHING! No other program in the world offers this opportunity.


6 Months of Business Mentoring with Scott Harris, encompassing all aspects of the business of Coaching.  Comprehensively covering marketing, branding, selling, charging fees, contracts, creating Joint-Venture relationships and more. Learn the skills & strategies Scott used to create a genuine multi million dollar coaching business.

Each month we concentrate on a specific tool & resource designed to build your business as an Ultimate Coach Professional. You will share with guest speakers and Ultimate Coach Mentors exactly how they built their top-earning businesses. These sessions are all live, and give you the opportunity for Q & A sessions to have your personal questions answered.


Receive additional access to all of Scott’s events throughout the year to ensure ongoing ultimate support and training.

Scott is consistently teaching and sharing world leading, cutting edge personal development with his Ultimate Coach Professional graduates at unique trainings throughout the year.

Ultimate Peer Group

Peer group is everything – you become a reflection of who you spend time with.

Join the private Ultimate Coach Professional-only peer group of the world’s best coaches. It’s here that you can learn, share, support and engage with our coaching family… with potential to find quality friends and supporters for life!

“The skills of coaching are essential, and we have you covered there.  We do more than that. We teach you the business of coaching.


Scott Harris is a leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker, with 20 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and audiences around the world and supporting them in creating phenomenal success; financially, physically and emotionally.


If theres anything we can do to support you on your wealth or coaching journey, or if you have any questions about any of Scott's events or programs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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