Healthy + Wealthy Are The Same Thing

Are you healthy and want to make money?

I’ve got good news my friend; it’s easy!

There’s equally great news if you’re doing well financially right now, but you want to be healthier, – that’s easy too.

I’ll tell you why it’s easy; because making money and being healthy are exactly the same thing.

When I understood this it was an incredibly profound breakthrough. 

If you’re struggling with either your health or your wealth, I believe this will be profoundly impactful for you to my friend. 

The Health Recipe

Most of us want to be healthier, fitter, stronger, all those beautiful things and when you take care of your physical body, there are a few things you’re going to need – the first is you need some sort of strategy to get healthy. A plan of attack!

Are you gonna go paleo?  Are you doing stuff in the gym? Are you doing your hot yoga? 

Are you going to do any one of the different diets and food lifestyle choices that work?

So first, you need a strategy to get your health on track. 

Then, you’ll probably need to buy some stuff to make this health goal happen too –  some equipment and workout gear. Maybe you’ll need to get a gym membership and something to prep your meals in like a blender, and a steamer for all that healthy veg .

Then comes repetition. 

You can’t just go to the gym once. You can’t just eat broccoli one time. You gotta kind of do it over, and over, and over again. 

So that’s kind of the recipe for being healthy, which is pretty simple, right?

Strategy – Stuff – Repetition

The Wealth Recipe

Now, if you think about making money and wealth, specifically income, there’s a recipe too. This recipe, my friend looks A LOT like the strategy for creating physical health. 

Firstly, you’re gonna need a strategy. 

What business vehicle are you using? What investment strategy are you using? Are you using property, stock, shares, stuff online, a traditional business? 

Like strategies for your fitness goals, there are lots of them for wealth creation and income too. 

You can make money in traditional businesses. You can make money online. You can make money by selling a service or a product. 

Then comes the stuff; you’re gonna need some equipment. You’re gonna need some technology. Depending on your strategy you might need a store, some products, or a service.

The next part of the recipe is repetition. 

You can’t just have one sale or run one marketing campaign. You can’t just do one sales call, there’s got to be repetition. 

I was doing great in one of these categories – my health – and not great in another – my wealth.

Then I realised….

Holy smokes, every single book I’d ever read in my entire life on wealth creation said the same thing!

That success in wealth creation is 80% what’s going on your mind. It’s 80% psychology. 

In fact, the wealthiest people I’ve met, they’d say it’s actually more like 90 – 95%!

This was my breakthrough.

I realised the reason I was doing great in my health and not great in my wealth, it wasn’t because I didn’t have the right strategy, or the right equipment, or the right repetitions, it was because I didn’t yet have the right psychology. 

You could say the right psychology is the final ingredient (but actually the most important) for successful health and wealth creation.

So here’s my coaching for you right now –  if you’re doing great in one of those areas right now, and not in the other, go grab a pen and paper and write down the category you’re doing great at.

Let’s say it’s health. Now I want you to write down 4 or 5 things that you feel when you are working on your health and fitness goals. 

Why is it important to you? What’s motivating you to haul your butt out of bed at 5:00 AM and get to the gym.

Or, let’s say you’re crushing your wealth goals. 

You’re obsessed with business and it’s going gangbusters…but you’re health? Well, you’re getting a little thick around the middle, not really taking care of your energy and drinking way too many Red Bulls and coffee.

So do the same thing, ask yourself;

What is it about my business and money that I’m passionate about?

What do I feel when I’m working on my business – what excites me and drives me to do it? Who I serve, growth, the fact that it’s challenging me?

Write down those 4 or 5 reasons you love working on your business. 


Now it’s time to do a bit of transference.

You want to ask yourself how you can take your existing story, the existing psychology around this thing that you love that is clearly working for you, and transfer it to this thing you, currently, are not yet in love with? 

When I think about health and wealth, they’re literally exactly the same. 

While I’m building my health and my wealth, doing the activities, doing strategies, I’m doing the work for exactly the same reasons.

Being healthy and wealthy both serve my mission and meet my values. Both allow me to express who I am and serve the greater good.

I get to be a child of the universe, and I get to have a lot of fun doing both of these things; health and wealth are both exactly the same for me. 

There are plenty of strategies to chose from to create health and wealth, there are plenty of tools you can invest in and of course the repetition, well that’s easy to do if you know WHY you’re doing it.

The power right now is for you to realise that if you’re already good at one thing, you can be good at something else. If you’re doing great over here, you could be amazing over there. It’s all about transferring your story, your psychology from the thing you are winning at to the thing you want to win at. 

That was certainly my journey and I hope this insight can serve you too.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments what health and wealth mean for you and if you’ve had any breakthroughs from this conversation?  

Or perhaps you’re struggling with both of those areas, maybe put your hand up and ask for help and one of my team can reach out and connect with you and serve you in some way, shape, or form. 

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