How Cleaning Up Made Me Wealthy

You read that heading right, my friend.

Cleaning up made me wealthy and if you want to create more income, wealth and grow your business (I’m guessing you do because you’re here!) cleaning up can help you too.

I want to share with you the lesson I learned that, if you commit to doing the work, can be incredibly powerful and liberating on your journey and the wealth and income goals that you’re chasing. 

I can remember when I first started on this journey of consciousness this journey of awakeness to really building my wealth, I realised this truth:

If it’s going to be, it’s up to me. 

Personal wealth creation is my responsibility. It’s not the school’s responsibility or the economy’s responsibility or my boss’s responsibility it’s my responsibility. 

So I started you know reading books and doing courses and trying things out in business, I realised through some coaching and mentoring that I had this thing called a dirty mind and I had some cleaning up to do. 

Do you have a dirty mind?

Let me explain what I mean by a dirty mind.

Two of the toughest emotions in the world to experience are guilt and shame

You may have never felt these things ’cause you may be extraordinary and amazing but I can tell you  my friend when I looked back at my life at that point there were some things that I felt bad about. 

There were times I knew I hadn’t done a good job. 

Times I knew I’d acted with less than my best integrity. 

Times I knew I’d let myself down. 

And as a consequence of feeling bad about these times in my life, I felt some incredible shame. 

The more I learn about psychology and personal development, the more I understand that if  you feel bad, guilty or ashamed (embarrassed might be a word you’re more comfortable with) about a situation in the past, that stuff has got to be cleaned up. 

That stuff becomes like a big huge heavy ball that just gets bigger and bigger. It holds you down….it makes parts of your mind a dirty place. 

Look back at what is causing those feelings about those times to figure out if it is a false belief  – a false belief about something that may have happened or should have happened or didn’t happen or a real belief.

A real belief because something did happen. You really did steal that candy or borrow money and not pay it back or return something you used in less than good condition. 

So here’s what I did. I looked back at my life for anything all the way back as far as I could remember where there was any hook or any attachment to the feeling of guilt and shame.

“Oh I remember that guy and I borrowed his trailer and I didn’t return it properly.”

 or “I remember that time my brother lent me some money, I forgot to pay it back and somebody had to pay it back for me.”

I listed all those things down at what we would call an arm’s length – I wasn’t attached to them.

Making a list like this might be something you want to start doing for yourself right now.

I looked at my list and, here’s the important bit, this is where the coaching comes in right now my friend, I realised what I need to do is go clean up. 

I needed to go back and clean up those past events. 

Was there a phone call I could make? Was there a certain retribution I could make? Was there some money I could pay back? In some cases, was there just an apology I could do? 

In a couple of cases in my life it wasn’t possible to go back and clean it up with the person or the business. Instead, I decided instead to write a letter to myself and to that person; do a little prayer, a little blessing and move it on. 

The work isn’t fun, but it’s worth it

Now, I’m telling you there’s a part of you that’s not gonna like this process – because it requires some work. 

The work was not fun. 

It’s not fun calling somebody and apologising for something that happened three, five, ten, twenty years ago. It’s not fun recognising that you made some mistakes somewhere and you felt bad about it and you wanna go clean it up. 

It’s embarrassing and it’s awkward. 

But I will tell you it’s unbelievably empowering. Every time I cleaned something up, every time I return some money, every time I made a donation or a contribution to somebody in their name ’cause it’s something I didn’t do back then, it allowed me to grow.

I’m telling you, this process allowed me to grow and grow until I felt like I was ten feet tall. 

Ok, so maybe this message might not be appropriate for all of you because not everyone has something to clean up. But for those of you who have – and you know when you have –  I promise you cleaning up your dirty mind is worth it. 

If there’s any moment in your past where you, I don’t know, stole a bag of lollies from a store, took twenty bucks from your mum’s purse or borrowed someone’s car, dented it and didn’t tell them, make a list. 

Then go find some ways to clean it up and in some way shape or form, unhook and unhinge yourself from your attachment to that story.

As weird as it might sound, this process will help you create more wealth. It’s not a list-building strategy, a sales strategy, a marketing strategy or a marketing strategy but this will free you up. 

It will free you up emotionally, it will free you up spiritually, and more of you will turn up and if more of you turned up in your business I guarantee that’ll make you richer. 

That’s how cleaning up and doing the work made me richer.

If this message resonates with you and you’ve got some stuff you want to express publically, go ahead and express it publically here. 

Be bold, be daring, be brave. 

If you need some help, you’re not quite sure how to clean it up because it’s a long time ago or the person’s moved away or can’t find them, let me know and I and my team will be delighted to help you. 

Clean up your old stuff so you can create the wealth that you deserve!

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