This Is B.S.

“This is absolute BS!”

I have said that phrase out loud. I’ve said it to myself. I’ve said it to other people, I’ve even said it to my children. 

But this BS is not what you’re thinking…

After teaching, studying and learning for more than 30 years, I’m telling you, every single one of us has this story about BS that is getting in the way of manifesting whatever you want. 

It gets in the way of manifesting the body you want, manifesting the relationships you want, manifesting the wealth and the business you want, manifesting the fun and the joy you want. 

So what IS this BS….if it’s not what you’re thinking it is!?

B.S. = Belief Systems. 

It’s your belief systems that keep you stuck and get in the way of allowing you to create and manifest the life you want! 

There’s great news 

There’s no question that our belief systems impact the physical results we create in our life.

Our beliefs about our body; is it too young or too old? What can we do to lose weight, gain muscle, be flexible, and feel good?

Our belief systems about our personal relationships with spouses, children, best friends, clients, and customers. 

Our belief systems about finances, about what we can earn or charge, what we’re worth, or how much we can grow our business. 

Our belief systems run the show

Those belief systems impact our lives WAY MORE significantly than any outside factors; the economy, your clients, your spouse, your children, neighbours or the president!

Trust me, your belief systems are way more important than these external things. 

Your belief systems also impact how you feel; they impact your emotions. 

Are you actually enjoying the experience of being on the journey to where you want to go? 

You know, most high achievers I meet are rarely experiencing joy, gratitude, and happiness on a consistent basis. 

They’re generally feeling stressed and overwhelmed and challenged in some way shape or form. 

You can change your BS!

The best part about our BS? It’s the easiest thing to change!

You can get rid of your old BS about what you’re worth or what you can charge. Your BS about what your body can do at 50, or 60 or 70! Your BS about a relationship that you think just can’t be rebuilt.

Yep! There’s no BS you can’t change!

And changing your BS will change your life. 

If you’d read any of the books that I’ve read or been to any of the seminars I’ve been to in the personal development world, you’d know everybody says that 80% of success is psychology. 

What that means is 80% of success comes down to our BS….our belief system. 

I’m a coach and I’m all about getting results and I want to put this coaching challenge to you today. 

Ask yourself; what BS do you have right now that needs to be changed? 

Write out or type out your current BS and what it needs to be instead.

This is the starting point to put yourself back in control; recognising that BS that needs to change so then you can begin to work on changing it.

I look forward to serving you with more content teaching about how to make that real for you!

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