The Power of a Bold, Deliberate Decision

People often ask me “Scotty, what does it take to be successful?” 

What does it take to create a seven-figure income? 

To live in a multimillion-dollar home? 

To have a big portfolio? 

To have a successful marriage? 

To have a beautiful family? 

To have great health?

What does it take to do all those things?

My answer –

Your ability to make bold, deliberate decisions. 

Every type of success, in any area of your life, starts with a REAL DECISION to be successful. 

Without first deciding to change, nothing will change. 


You can hope for things to change.  

You can wish for things to change.  

You can want things to change.  

You can even plan the change to happen – having a goal, having a vision, having a dream, planning and scheduling. In fact, I teach all that stuff!   

But nothing will happen until you make a REAL decision.

All the big changes in my life, in my income, my body, my intimate relationships, my parenting, my business have only ever come about AFTER I’ve made real, honest, genuine gut decisions.  

A decision to say – “That’s it! No more!”  

A decision to say – “I’m drawing a line in the sand!”

 A decision to say – “That’s it! I’m burning the boats!”  

These bold, deliberate decisions allowed me to really step into the greatness that I dare dream to have. 

Is there a part of your life that you want to be different? 

Maybe you want to have more health and fitness, more income, more wealth, more joy and passion in your relationship…or all of those things?!

Then you need to ask yourself honestly –

‘What are the real decisions I need to make in my life to see those changes happen?”

Is there some stuff you need to draw the line on and put a hard foot down to say –

“That’s it. No more. Done. Not doing that!” or “That’s it. Done. I’m doing this!”

And if there were, I would encourage you, and if I can be so bold, coach you, on making that real decision.

How to know you’ve made a REAL decision (the LIFE-CHANGING type)


Not all decisions are created equal, so how do you know when you’ve made a real decision – the kind that is going to change your life?

Easy – you compare it to a time when you haven’t!  

Confession; there have been times in my life where I’ve taken a long time to move forward on things. 

I’d procrastinate on things – it took me a long time to leave a relationship or get out of the business I was in.  

Those things only changed and my life transformed when I made a decision from the heart, a decision from my gut that said-

“That’s it! I’m drawing a line in the sand.”  

Sometimes it’s pain inspiring a decision; it’s fuelled by frustration, angst or anger – you want to move away from something. 

Other times it’s passion that drives a decision. The vision and excitement you feel about what you could be moving towards – more joy, more choices, more freedom in your life.

What’s driving your decision? 

Are you moving away from something or towards something?

What REAL decision do you need to make today?


That’s my question for you.

What real decision you have to make RIGHT NOW?  

Maybe you’ve made it before but you haven’t committed. It wasn’t made from your gut, there wasn’t a burning intensity inside you to DO THIS THING. 

I want you to get this. You HAVE to feel that decision deep down inside for real change to happen. 

A strategy, plan and goals are important but before any of that, before you map out your plan, or take action, or put that vision board up you’ve got to make a real decision first.  

Are you in? Are you committed? Is this who you are?  

If it is, the rest of the game becomes very, very easy. 

If you’re bold and daring, I encourage you to do TWO things RIGHT NOW:

Number 1: I’d love you to post your decision right here in the comments.

Shout it out loud, from the rooftops, in capital letters if you like and say;

 “I’m deciding this…” 

If you do that, I’d love to know how I might be able to help or support you in carrying out your decision. 

Whether it’s a bold decision about your health, your income, your wealth, your relationships, your parenting, whatever it may be!

Number 2: Share this blog with anyone you think could benefit from making a bold decision to change something in their lives. 

Encourage them to take the first step – that REAL decision – towards creating the life they were born to live!

We all need to keep making bigger and bolder decisions; and then, get some coaching, get some great mentoring and take some action in a talented and thoughtful way.

I wish you an awesome and spectacular unfoldment of your bold decision!

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