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A New Beginning

No matter your background or beliefs around Easter, universally we should agree that this time of the year is about new life, new beginnings and a fresh start.

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Disconnect to Reconnect

7 TIPS to combat society’s daily use and dependence on technology, to help you RECONNECT with your loved ones and the things that truly matter in life

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Is this the last time?

Often in life, we get caught up in the ‘Firsts’. Do you remember the first time your children walked or the first time you met your intimate partner? It’s easy to take notice of the ‘Firsts’, but too often, the ‘Last Time Evers’ slip by unnoticed.
A lot of the time, we don’t even notice it was the ‘Last Time Ever’ until it’s already happened!
When you decide to notice the ‘Last Time Evers’, it might change the way you treat people, the way you act or how you feel. As a result of this philosophy…

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Scott Harris is a leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker, with 20 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and audiences around the world and supporting them in creating phenomenal success; financially, physically and emotionally.


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