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In light of recent events in New Zealand, I wish to express my deepest condolences to all the families whom are left to suffer and grieve for their loved ones; such violence is not tolerated nor accepted. I believe that for these atrocities, both recent and old, to stop on a global level, needs everyone to collectively work toward a better future together on a micro level.

So what can we each do to work toward this? I want to reach out and encourage you to look beyond your everyday inner circle of relationships and interactions and find the courage to be kinder to one another, to step outside of the everyday bubble of busyness, daily demands, schedules and technology. To stop scrolling in search of the next ‘thing’ to fill that void in life. Turn off your emails for a moment… Take a look around you.

I want us all to take a moment and reach out to someone new. To that familiar face we pass on the daily commute, or say hi to the person sitting nearby in the cafe, to bridge that gap of anonymity.  Let’s make a change, let’s connect with our neighbours, or an old friend you haven’t heard from in a while, or an estranged relative who’s missed the last few family gatherings.

Let’s reach out on a whim (or with intention) and ask them “are you okay?”… We may never fully know the positive impact a small acknowledgement or opportunity to speak up and be heard may have on an individual, but I feel if we each take a small regular actions like this, then collectively we can nurture a culture of better communication and connectedness.

Importantly the next is to actually listen to them! As human beings we crave to be listened to and to be heard, so please pay extra attention to this step. Listen with an open heart and an open mind; listen and refrain from the urge to judge, as what may seem trivial to you may be a huge issue for another. Resist the urge to solve any problem for them or to offer harsh advice, although encouraging the individual to take action, to make a change or seek guidance from a professional resource may be a good path to follow.

A great resource for initiating this type of conversation can be found at


We need to collectively create a movement of love, nurture and care, where as a community we take action, create relationships and the space to actually listen… and the space to actually be heard. Where sitting in silence on a crowded bus, with each person fixated on their own technology device becomes a social faux par of the early third millennium. I want to be a part of a humanity that celebrates our differences and uniqueness; part of a community that embraces its neighbour, its brothers and sisters and rather than dismiss others’ beliefs, be a part of a movement that seeks to find peace and acceptance of the wonderful spectrum of differences we collectively share.

So as you go about the coming days and weeks, I encourage you to share your story of reaching out, of connection and asking “are you okay” in the comment box below and on social media, in the hope that each small act of kindness may inspire and motivate others to do the same and together we can be the positive change in the world.

Remember to always live deliberately,

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