Is This The Last Time?

Often in life, we get caught up in the firsts.  Do you remember the first time your children walked or the first time you met your significant other? It’s easy to take notice of the firsts, but too often, the last time evers slip by unnoticed.  

A lot of the time, we don’t even notice it was the last time ever until it’s already happened! When you decide to notice the last time evers, it might change the way you treat people, the way you act or how you feel.  As a result of this philosophy, I’m able to be very conscious of living in the moment. 

I’d love to talk to you about some great experiences that are happening in your life or have happened already, please comment below.  I’m so grateful to you for sharing with me, so we can have a chat.  Equally importantly, if you’ve got some friends or family that you love and want to have a spectacular life, please go ahead and click the share button right now, to share this video with your loved ones.

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Hi guys, it’s Scott Harris here the founder of Ultimate Coach where we train the world’s best coaches stopping by to share with you some advice today that was given to me almost a decade ago by somebody I really trust and respect and really hold very dear to my heart – and it was about making sure that you pay attention in life to a thing called ‘the last time ever’. The last time ever and how it came about was I just had my first child and we were like all brand new beginning parents. We were looking for the first sign of you know activity, the first sign of advancement, the first clench of their fists. We were looking for the first rollover, the first time they could take whole food into their body, the first time that we could… you know, they could say a word, the first time they could take a step. And my friend said to me, she said “listen Scotty… look there’s gonna be lots of firsts in your life but as the years roll by you want to make sure you’re paying attention to the lasts”. I said “excuse me, what do you mean?” she said “well there’s so many firsts and they’re great – you’re going to take notice of those, you’re gonna be aware of those; but there’s going to be often in life there’s ‘last time evers’ and they very often slip by unnoticed”.

And ten years later I now know what she means… ten years later in our parenting I know there’s some last times where I carried my now eight-year-old son in a little baby sling, there are some last time evers that my daughter Grace let me brush her hair – I used to for years brush it every day and now she doesn’t want me to brush her hair anymore. Now right now I still have a small infant child, baby Justice he’s about 21 months old, and I’m very conscious that every time I change his nappy, his diaper, it could be the last time ever. And what that’s allowed for us to do is not live in scarcity, not live in lack and not live in fear, but it’s allowed me to be very conscious about living in the moment. Now you may say Scott listen – my kids are already grown up all right, I don’t have children. But the way this philosophy has been conscious of the last time ever and shown up for me is being not just in my parenting, it’s shown up in my relationship, shown up in what if this was the last time we ever said goodbye what if this was the last time that we got to have this experience where this is the last time that we got to spend this day together. How would I treat this person? How would I react to this person? How would I hold sacred this person? What would I know? What would I consider to be important if this was the last time ever that particular thing was going to happen?

In my business, and I’m a coach; I coach and mentor people one-on-one, I coach people in small groups, I coach people… thousands of people at a time in my speaking and seminars around the world and I gotta tell you – I want to be very conscious of what if this is the last time ever I get to contact this person? What if it’s the last time ever I get to speak on this stage? What if this is the last time ever that particular person is going to click on a link or use my services? What is it I can say or do or be differently to touch them, to move them, to shift them, so I can really take a moment to honour and to hold sacred that potential interaction? So my discussion for you today is maybe there’s some things in your life you want to pay attention to that maybe it’s the last time it can happen? Small things (like) noticing as your body changes, or their bodies change, as we get older small things in your parenting whether your children are young like mine or teenagers or young adults or even mature adult things. In your business, as you’re growing and developing, expanding your business. Things in your customer service, things in your relationships with your spouse, with friends, your peers – you want to be conscious of ‘last time evers’… and if you brought that energy to the conversation, what if this was your last dinner party? What if this was your last day out boating? What if this was your last Saturday afternoon at home watching the football with your family and friends? Would you do things differently? Would you change the way you’re talking? Would you change what you’re focusing on? Would you change what you may be currently think is important, and maybe remember what actually is sacred?

Now I want to be clear  I’m not talking about living your every single day as if you’re going to die tomorrow, that’d be silly, you have to think about the future and you have to plan for the next part of your life – the next week, the next month, next year, the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years; I’m not talking about being a fatalist. I think I’m just talking about honouring the moment and really being grateful for everything that happens in your life and knowing that as the seasons change, as the chapters end and then begin, you want to just make sure you’re enjoying the chapter that you’re in. And as it closes, as that season comes to a finality, you want to make sure that you’re thankful for that you are blessed, for that you are grateful for, that you’ve savoured it, you’ve savoured it… and then you jump into the next chapter, the next season and this is true, definitely in your parenting, definitely in your intimate relationship, and maybe too in your business – your coaching, your teaching, the selling, the marketing of your products and service that you do.

So that’s my gift to you today from someone who gave that advice to me more than a decade ago. Look out in your life for ‘last time evers’ and if this is the last time ever… gosh, what would you say and how would you do it? So I’m hoping, I’m wishing this is not OUR last time ever.

If you’ve enjoyed this video please have a chat to me in the box down below – I’d love to talk to you about some great experiences that are happening in your life, or have happened before please share that with me so we can have a chat about that, and equally importantly if you’ve got some friends or family that you love and adore and wish to have a spectacular life please go ahead and push the share button right now, and share this video with your family and friends and maybe all of us together – you, me, our families, our communities, our customers and clients, can all start to become a little bit more conscious, a little bit more grateful, a little bit more aware for things that are happening in our life because that could just be the last time that’s ever gonna happen.

So until then this is Scott Harris, your Ultimate Coach saying thank you so much for watching, thank you for sharing, and until we get to speak one-on-one in person at a live event or indeed here in this format I wish you an extraordinary day, a spectacular week.

Live very deliberately and bye for now.

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