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30 to 40 minute complimentary Coaching Session with a Scott Harris trained Ultimate Coach


1-on-1 Life Coaching session specialised in Success Mindset


Live session is individually tailored to focus on one of your specific goals


Create Your Ideal Work/Life Balance & Get More Done!


Overcome Procrastination & Start Taking Action


Break Through Limiting Beliefs & Fears & Get Better Results


Take Your Existing Success To The Next Level


Discover the Ultimate Coaching experience


Sessions can be arranged by Phone or Zoom Meeting

“Coaching gave me the right tools to make positive choices to get my life back on track and heading in the right direction.”
Natasha, Qld

“As a result of coaching, I started taking charge, planning for my future both short, and long term which helped with my personal growth, and achieving balance with my friends, my family and myself.” 
Aaron, Qld

“Most of us get consumed with busy-ness or just plain excuses for not moving forward. Ultimate Coaching has made me realise ‘I CAN’, instead of being frightened of anything new.” 
Chris, NSW

“Ultimate Coaching has opened my mind to the amazing opportunities out there in the world and helped me move past my own limiting beliefs.” 
Richard, WA

“I achieved many of the goals I set for myself but more importantly I learned a good process to follow for setting goals in the future.”
Eve, CA

“I’ve closed out a number of family issues, refocused on my goals and have been empowered with strategies that will lead to my desired goals.”
Troy, Vic

“Human beings do more, they produce more, they create more, they cause more and get more done when someone is holding them to a higher standard.”


Scott Harris is a leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker, with 20 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and audiences around the world and supporting them in creating phenomenal success; financially, physically and emotionally.


If theres anything we can do to support you on your wealth or coaching journey, or if you have any questions about any of Scott's events or programs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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