5 Steps to a Healthy Mindset

We’ve all had one of those days where we know what needs to be done… tasks, emails, phone calls – the list can be endless, but for some reason we find distractions at every opportunity – concentrating on something shiny and sparkly, all at the expense of actually not achieving anything that should be done.

As humans we’re designed to take the path of least resistance, it’s in our DNA and has developed over many millennia. Humans are designed to survive, not thrive.

Fast forward to the modern day, and the remains of these ancient instincts are still deeply embed into our everyday behavioural patterns, our psychology and our mindset… and if you think about it you may see how these patterns have shown up and played out in your life to this day.

Over my 20+ years working with thousands of people around their personal development journeys, I’ve come to realise that the single most important ingredient to success is mindset. If you don’t approach every single thing you do with a positive mindset, it’s unlikely you’re going to actually achieve what you’re putting your mind to.

How do you get a healthy mindset you ask? Well here are some of my suggestions based on my own experience and knowledge.

1. Positive thinking

The power of positive thinking will always work in your favour. If you approach any task, big or small, from a positive perspective, thinking and visualising the outcome in a positive light, you’re going to tip the scales in your favour and increase the likelihood of attracting the resources, opportunities and effort needed to achieve the task. This really is a key ingredient.

2. Self talk

This is an important one, it can be your biggest weapon toward achievement; or conversely self talk can be your kryptonite. Being aware of that inner voice that is guiding your mindset is key. For some this can be harder to master than others as different personalities, upbringings and influence can come into play.

3. Daily rituals

They say that any action made consistently for 21 days becomes a habit – and habits are normally associated as a negative. Conversely I see rituals as positive habits, and you can create multiple rituals for yourself to perform or carry out on a daily or regular basis to build your positive mindset. Whether that be working out, meditating, journalling or listening to a particular song or music genre to help you get in state, you need to test what works best for you, as each person’s rituals will differ, and there is no 1 right ritual other than the ritual of consistency.

Just like if you want to have your own teeth at the age of 90, it won’t happen by chance – you’ve go to brush and floss your teeth as a consistent daily ritual to achieve that goal. To have a healthy mindset, you’ve got to consistently do your choice of rituals to sustain your positive state of mind.

4. Acknowledge what you can (and cannot) control

Sometimes we can get off track when something unexpected occurs… Maybe the power went out and you couldn’t run your live training, or someone was late to an appointment and it threw out your whole day, perhaps your child got sick and you couldn’t complete your work task by deadline. Events beyond our control will occasionally happen to everyone, this is just life. Whilst we cannot control the external thing that happened, it’s important to remember what you can control.

You can control how you react, you can control your mindset in a positive way and harness that to promptly adapt to the changing landscape before you and work toward solutions to get you back on track.

5. The power of influence

Surrounding yourself with like minded people who share common interests, values and goals is a great place to build your mindset. Step back from people and relationships that are not serving your positive mindset and your goals, even if it’s just a temporary, deliberate choice. If you want to learn more about being a successful entrepreneur, go and find other people who are working toward the same outcomes in their life or career. Or better yet, seek out someone who has already achieved what you’re working toward achieving and learn from them how they got to be where they are or how they achieved what they’ve achieved. Find out what their challenges were and how they overcame them and the steps they took to get to where they are.

I like to say, you want to be the dumbest person at the table, and by that I mean you want to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, who are more successful than you or who have achieved greater things than you already. By doing this you’re going to put yourself in proximity of where you want to be and what you’re looking to achieve and it’s going to help you to learn from others, reveal actionable steps you can take to influence you in a positive way and create the right right mindset and self belief to achieve your goals.

If this all seems a little overwhelming to you, then my recommendation is to choose 1 or 2 things here and work on those first.

As one of Australia’s leading life coaches I’ve helped many clients to achieve their goals through having a healthy mindset and I continue to offer this help and assistance through my team of Ultimate Coaches. If you’d like to have a conversation with one of my personally trained team to find out how we can support you in your own positive, healthy mindset and achieving your goals then I invite you to click here to find out more now.

I’d love the know the ways you create your own positive mindset! Please share by commenting below.

Live deliberately,

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