Cleaning up your past

I truly believe that we only have a certain amount of physical energy to expend each day. We can maximise that energy, sure. But if we’re putting energy into our past, we just can’t put everything we have into the future.

Before we move forward in our journey to self development and wealth creation, it’s so important to look back, find closure and stay congruent across the different areas of your life.

That’s why cleaning up my past is something that has been so impactful in my own life, and I try to do it as often as I need. It might be tough, awkward or uncomfortable in the moment, but getting it out of the way is powerful and freeing!

How about you…. have you borrowed some money that you didn’t yet pay back? Did you start a conversation that you never really ended? Is there someone you left behind who needs to re-enter your life? If this rings true for you, or if something else from your past has popped up in your thoughts while reading this… then I encourage you to take a moment to watch and listen to today’s video on this page here.

My wish for you is to find inspiration to clean up your own past, so you can free up more energy in your day and make way for your amazing future!

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Hey guys! It’s Scott Harris Millionaire Mentor and the founder of Ultimate Coach, where we train the world’s best coaches. Sharing with you today one of the things that was most profound for me and I’m hoping, most profound for you on your wealth creation journey.

You know, confession time! I’ve gotta tell you, my friends, there was a time in my life where I was out of congruency with my wealth. There was a time when I was out of congruency with lots of areas of my life and I found that really held me back. If you’re watching this video and you’re someone that’s interested in creating great income and great wealth, we know that they are two different things. I’ve gotta tell you, one of the things that made a huge impact for me personally, was cleaning up my past.

That meant having to do some tough things. You know, I’ve had some one-on-one conversations, some one-on-one phone calls, some transactions that were about really cleaning up stuff from the past. I know for me, that sometimes that meant that there was some money that I’d borrowed and not repaid, or someone had borrowed some money from me and they hadn’t repaid it, or I’d lent something from somebody and hadn’t returned it. I just found that cleaning those things up is hugely important.

So my thought for today is simply this: if you’re looking to move forward in your life, if you’re looking to create more customers or more sales or a better business, or just more freedom in your life, my coaching for you today, strangely, is just to have a little peek over your shoulder and look back and ask yourself, “Gosh, is there anything at all that might need an energetic clean-up? Is there any conversation I need to go and have? Is there any old person I need to go find on Facebook or Google and have a quick phone call with them. Is there any money I need to transfer to somebody?” Just to clean something up. Just so it’s done. Is there money I need to ask for back and say “hey, listen, you owe me that money”.

And I can tell you, when I’ve done that myself, A.. it’s been awkward and B… so powerful and so freeing! It’s really compelled me to move forward.

Now we’re talking about money right now in this conversation, but it may be true too in some other areas of your life?

There’s some stuff you gotta go clean up. Do whatever you can to go clean that up, my friends. Have the conversations, make the meetings, book the schedule, book the appointments and do whatever needs to be done to move yourself forward. You know, I believe that we only have so much physical energy everyday to expend. Physical energy in ourselves, and our body and our spirit and our mind and our intellect – and there’s so many things that our energy is demanded upon. You know, our business, our relationships, our parenting, our health, our contribution our fun and adventure! And if any of that energy is getting lost, if any of that energy is getting used up by the friction of the past, maybe an old story or an old wound, even if it’s just something that’s trivial I promise you, I promise you, I promise you, when this video stops in about 30 seconds time there is a phone call you need to make or an email you need to send or a conversation you need to have just to clean up stuff from the past just so it’s, what I call, you put a bow around it, you tie it up in a bow and you wrap it up, put it on the shelf and it’s done! I promise you that will be incredibly powerful.

I’d love to hear lots of stories. I’d love to hear your successes. So if you’ve got something to do go do it! I certainly have done my cleaning up from the past, and there’ll probably be more of it in the future. I know that continues to serve me, as I hope this serves you in your moving forward. So that’s our message for today. It’s about cleaning up your past. I hope that serves you. Comments, questions, thoughts – sharing would always be great! Look forward to serving you in the future.

Till then, live very deliberately and bye for now.

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