Who’s Looking Over Your Shoulder?

Of all the most impactful questions we can ask ourselves, I believe the most important is: who is looking over your shoulder? Now I don’t mean to check who’s behind you! If you are the type of person that wants great results or an amazing and spectacular life, then you need to be held accountable.

Human beings do more, produce more, create more, and cause more when someone is holding them to a higher standard. You want to be continually making sure to surround yourself with people who challenge you, stretch you and cause you to grow.

In my experience, paying for coaching or mentoring is a profoundly rewarding investment towards your best life. When you personally pay your hard earned capital and resources to another human and tell them to hold you accountable, trust me, the whole game changes!

I’d love to hear about your distinctions, breakthroughs, your new awareness, or success stories about how coaching and mentoring have supported you, so make sure you leave a comment below. Secondly, please click the ‘like’ button and the ‘share’ button as well, so we can get some more people to watch this video. How incredible would it be if we could all raise our standards together and create better results in our lives.

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Hey guys! It’s Scott Harris here – founder of Ultimate Coach, where we train the world’s best coaches. I’m stopping by today to ask you a very important question, a question I think you’re not being asked enough, because I think your answer will really impact your life. If you’re the sort of person that wants great results, if you want a great income that allows you organic broccoli and lots of travel, choices and freedom, if you want great wealth (different to income!) that allows you to sleep at night because you’ve got a big treasure chest of assets and portfolios, if you want great relationships with your partner, your children and your friends, or even if you want great health so you can be 85 years old and still making love or traipsing around the world.

If you want great results in your life, there’s one simple fact that I know to be true. Over 19 years of teaching, speaking, coaching around the world and working with some of the coolest, smartest, most successful people on the planet, I’ve got to tell you, you want to be asking yourself consistently: Who is looking over my shoulder? Who’s holding me accountable? Who’s raising my standards and causing me to lift my game? Because you know what, most people that I meet are really stuck on a very old way of learning – trial and error. They’re stuck on this notion that somehow there’s nobility in working stuff out for yourself and I need to tell you… that is stupid.

Trying to work stuff out yourself and not ask for help, if you do that in the 21st century, you’re done and dusted. You want to be continually making sure you’re surrounding yourself with people challenging you, stretching you, causing you to grow and causing you to ask “Gee, is that belief even true anymore or is that limitation even real anymore?”

When I think about the impacts that have happened in my life – a kid from Frankston, who was asked to leave high school, sort of snuck in the back door of university and then proceeded to fail at three different universities in three different states. I think about a kid like that who’s been able to create a pretty nice lifestyle, live in a beautiful multimillion dollar home, married to someone who is the coolest, smartest, funniest, prettiest girl I have ever met in my entire life, create an opportunity to take care of both of our parents and our beautiful four children, and do some really cool things. I share that with you because I’m not the smartest guy you know. I do know some really smart people and I pay them lots of money to look over my shoulder, to coach me, to challenge me, to raise my standards. I’ve got to tell you, human beings do more, they produce more, they create more, they cause more and get more done when someone is holding them to a higher standard.

In your life, I challenge you right now, to ask yourself: who’s challenging, coaching or mentoring you? It needs to definitely not be someone in your intimate peer group, so not your spouse – that’s a recipe for a whole bunch of different disasters, it needs to not be your best friend cause you don’t want that to get in the way of your friendships. My experience is that paying for coaching and paying for mentoring is a profoundly impactful thing in your life. Now I’m not selling you my coaching services, I’m suggesting to you that there are decades and almost centuries worth of data that support the notion that human beings get more done, when they’re being held accountable. Human beings create more results, when they’ve been pushed and challenged beyond what they initially believe they can create. When you personally pay your hard earned capital and personally invest hard earned resources or commit your scarce time to another human being and tell them to hold you accountable, trust me, the whole game changes!

So if you’ve got a coach, great! Make sure they’re holding you to a higher standard. If you haven’t got a coach, go find one! Invest or even explore the possibility, so you can really start to extract from yourself the absolute very best that you’re capable of doing.

Now if you’re watching this and you’re life is amazing and spectacular, and couldn’t possibly get any better, then you’re all good. You don’t need a coach.

But if you’re watching this video and your life is either amazing and you’d like it to be even more amazing, or it’s not quite as amazing as you’d like it to be, my offering for you today, is to have someone look over your shoulder and point out some opportunities or hurdles and obstacles that maybe you’re putting in your own way. Then have that person help you get over them, get through them get around them or maybe get underneath them, so you can start to cause to happen in your life whatever it is that you don’t just deserve to have, but I believe, you desire to have as well.

So if you’ve got any questions, comments or thoughts, I’d love you to put those in the dialogue box so I can chat to you. I’d love to hear about your distinctions, breakthroughs, your new awareness, or success stories about how coaching and mentoring has supported you. As a favour to me, if I can be so bold to ask, if you’ve got people in your life that you love and care for, or you want them to have more success, please do me two things. Firstly, click the like button and push the share button as well, so maybe we can get some more people to watch this video so we can all raise our standards together and all cause better results in our lives. We can then do some really cool stuff in our communities with that.

So, push the like button, push the share button and put some comments in the box. This is Scott Harris, your Ultimate Coach. Thank you for watching, and until we get to speak one-on-one in person, I look forward to chatting to you online.

Make sure you always live deliberately,

Bye for now,

Scott Harris

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