Named one of Tony Robbins’ Top 8 Inspirational Speakers!

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I’m just a boy from Frankston, a small Australian city.

I grew up having 3 different Dads before I was 10.

Went to 8 different schools by the age of 11.

I moved out of home at 15.

Was so bad at school, I was asked to leave at the age of 16.

I got a job at a grocery store working nights and a bottle shop/liquor store during the day. I hated it, so I found a way to work nights and get back to high school.

I barely passed (actually I was one mark off a pass), but I managed to graduate.

I started 3 different university degrees at three different Universities and I didn’t finish any of them…

I jumped from job to job, chance to chance, for the next 10 years with no real plan except to “work hard and make money.”

I worked insanely hard and achieved some financial success but I wasn’t happy. I was not fulfilling my dream life. I didn’t run around the schoolyard as a child thinking, “when I grow up, I want to do something I don’t really love for 80 hours a week”. I was living on coffee, adrenaline and stress. ?

I thought, “there HAS to be a better way!” ?

About this time my Mum attended the first ever Tony Robbins event in Australia. I decided to go after her, not to increase my business, or learn new skills and tools, or to become more enlightened. I went to my first personal development event with the sole goal of ‘saving my mum from the cult that she had joined!’ Ha, little did I know what was to happen. ?

Next thing I know I had attended a dozen different events around the world and I realised that if I wanted the life of my dreams there was only one thing that needed to change… ME!

Challenge was, I didn’t even know what my dream life was at that stage – I just knew it wasn’t what I was currently living! Not by a long shot!

I made the change (and there were lots of things to change!) I got out of the business I was in. I became an Elite Ironman and represented Australia after just one year of training. ?
I changed my life completely and decided I was going to dedicate my life to helping others transform their lives the way I did. ?

I decided to live deliberately.

I learnt everything I could about personal development. I read every book; I attended every seminar and training course (and none of it was online – this was cassettes and books and going to live events). I crewed at every Tony Robbins event I could, I trained with Tony as a Life Coach, you name it, I did it and I was happy.

Until one day it happened…

I was at a Tony Robbins event and a speaker called in sick. Tony’s team looked at me and said “Scott, you’re up!” Of course I was confused, uncertain and from memory a little terrified, but I realised this was my chance to put everything I had learned into practice. This was my chance to impact the lives of all of the people in the room at once and just share with them how a kid from Frankston could learn “all this stuff” and put it to use to create the life of his dreams. So I did it… ?

That one crazy moment truly changed the direction of my life. That opportunity led to me leading Life Mastery events in Fiji for Tony, which led to me speaking at Tony’s Unleash The Power Within (UPW), Date With Destiny (DWD) and Business Mastery (BM) events.

In addition to Tony’s events I was on the stage around the world impacting lives with Brendon Burchard – Live. Love. Matter., Deepak Chopra, Robert Kiyosaki, Lisa Messenger, Donald J. Trump, Naomi Simson, Richard Branson, Nick Vujicic, Lord Alan Sugar and many more.

It has been a wild ride, but this week I was so honored and grateful to be named by Tony Robbins as one of his 8 favourite inspirational speakers (alongside Brené Brown, Siri Lindley, Joseph McClendon, Malala Yousafzai (Malala Fund), Mark Divine, Seth Godin, and Cloe Madanes).

Here’s the full article:

However this post is about so much more than my story…

As the article says “Inspirational speakers are those who have learned life lessons through their careers or unique circumstances and want to pass that information on to others”.

And that’s what’s important to me, passing on that information and showing that anything is possible for anyone.

So it’s about…

 Inspiring anyone who is thinking “there HAS to be a better way!” to take steps to transform their health, wealth, business, relationships, growth and contribution.

 Helping you realise that your dream life is possible (I promise I am not the smartest person you know).

 Making the impact on the world that you deserve to make.

 Showing you it’s possible to reach your full potential, no matter what your background is.

 Making a choice to live deliberately.

If I can do it, anyone can, and for that reason I want to share the word.

A special thank you to Tony for all that he has done for me. I literally will never be able to thank him enough for the lessons he’s taught me, the gifts he’s given me, and the standards he’s set for me to follow. ?

Together, we can all impact the lives of millions.


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Scott Harris is a leading Australian coach, mentor and speaker, with 20 years of experience working with individuals, businesses and audiences around the world and supporting them in creating phenomenal success; financially, physically and emotionally.


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