It’s hard to stay focused when the festive season is so near. School is almost over for the year and soon, there will be kids all over the house. Maybe you’re looking forward to your work’s Christmas party, or even just cleaning your desk for your holiday break!  It can be hard to remember that the game isn’t over yet!

In the next 14 days or so leading up to Christmas Day, how many phone calls or emails could you make? How many clients could you book? How many gym sessions could you fit in your schedule?

Around this time of year, some of my clients are asking, ‘How do I stay focused on my work?” So, here are my coaching tips for keeping up your momentum when all you want to do is wind down…

1. Get out your weekly or monthly planning schedule and lock in 3-5 goals for December.
Make sure your goals are specific and realistic. What are some aims that you could achieve by the end of this month, to make sure you start next year with huge, massive, impressive momentum? Write them down and commit!!! Maximise the last 30 days of this year and get to work…

2. Avoid FOMO, Monkeys and Shiny, Sparkly Things at all costs.
Nope, that’s not a typo… FOMO is the Fear Of Missing Out – and it can be hard to avoid during the holiday season! You might be missing out now, but consider your goals and remember what you’re working towards; think about what you will achieve with your hard work and concentration and get excited about it!

A monkey is the nuisance task that someone wants to avoid, so they try to give it to you! Watch out for other peoples’ monkeys; please, remember it’s ok to say ‘no’ when your taking care of your own goals and tasks.
Finally, Shiny, Sparkly Things may look awesome, but these are the distractions that you need to dodge. Consider whether these distractions are serving you on your mission to achieve your goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if suddenly, they look a little less shiny and sparkly when you realise they don’t assist you on your journey!

3. Start thinking about your goals for 2019 and make sure you’re ready to go come January 1st!
As we count down the days to the end of 2019, it’s crazy to think about how quickly this year went by and the likelihood that 2019 won’t be any different! Don’t get so caught up in the holiday season that you forget about your plans and goals as you move into the new year. It’s so incredibly important that you respect your most precious resource (TIME!) and ensure you’ve started the process of scheduling your 2019 in order to maximise your success.

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As always, if you’ve got comments, questions, thoughts or anything you’d like to share with us at all, you can find us across a whole bunch of different social media platforms and get in touch. I love your questions and your comments! If there’s anything you’d like me to cover in my blog as well, I’d love to hear about it!

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Hey guys, it’s Scott Harris – your Millionaire Mentor and founder of Ultimate Coach, where we train the world’s best coaches. Stopping by today to just warn you, the game is not over! The fat lady is not singing! We’ve got some more time left in our year. That’s right. Where ever you are in the world right now, there’s about 30 days left in your year – or something like that, give or take a couple of years. I’ve got to tell you, it’s still on! The clock is still ticking.

I’ve been noticing as I’ve been coaching and speaking with my clients in small and large groups – I just did a webinar this morning for 2,800 people across the world – sometimes around this time, people start to wind down. They slow down and think, “Well, you know, it’s getting close to Thanksgiving, Christmas and my vacation, summer or winter” but I’ve got to tell you, there is a phenomenal amount that you can still be achieving in the next 30 days.

Right up towards your holiday break or festival season; whatever that is for you, I would be coaching you right now to make sure you absolutely maximise yourself to the fullest extent whatever you need to get done, to have a spectacular final last little bit of the game.

Whether you count this as the end of your calendar year, whether you’re halfway through your financial year if you’re from the southern part of the world, there’s still lots you can get done. Think about all the phone calls you could make in the next 30 days. How many clients could you book? How many workouts at the gym could you have? How many relationships could you repair, mend or create? How many books could you read in the next month? What is it that you really make sure you achieve in the next 30 days?

If you do that, you maximise your year and your time overall. You guys know, I love planning, scheduling and honouring my time, so we don’t want to let the next thirty days just slip away – that would be crazy! Plus, imagine this… You get to Thanksgiving or Christmas or whatever you call the end of your working year, and you get to sit there and share with family and friends or be on your own and just reflect on what an incredibly massive, transforming, powerful year you have had cause you pushed the limit, right up to the end.

So, here’s my coaching, get out your final 3 or 4 weekly planning sheets for the year (…we’ve talked about those before) or your monthly calendar for December and lock in 3, 4 or 5 really significant things you want to achieve before you get to the end of the year. Get them written down; a health goal, a business goal; a contribution goal, a family goal or a fun & adventure goal. I tell you what my friends, it is on. With these 30 days left before the end of the year, I want to maximise them and grab them as tightly as possible.

But now, a word of warning, there’s three things that get in the way of us implementing our plans sometimes.

  1. Fear or pain that we will miss out on something else.

‘FOMO’ is this big thing in the 21st century – the Fear Of Missing Out. I had to go Google that! Don’t let ‘FOMO’ get in the way of you deciding on what you want.

  1. Distractions from short-term pleasures!

We can get distracted from short term pleasures and stuff that instantly gratifies us, but may not necessarily help us and serve us, and may not be moving us towards our ultimate goal. We need to be careful of short-term distractions. I call them Shiny, Sparkly Things!

  1. Be aware of other people’s monkeys!

There’s a great book written by Ken Blanchett called ‘The One Minute Manager’ which talks about the fact that other people want to give you their monkeys all the time! Of course, what that means is that they want to give you their stuff, their problems – they want to have you do their stuff! So be cautious of that – which means learning how to say the word ‘no’! Particularly, in this last little bit of the year – this last final run-up towards the end of your magnificent year. Let’s make sure you start next year from an incredible foundation, an incredible success level by making sure you just knock it out of the park for these next 30 days.

That’s my coaching for you: get out your weekly sheets for the rest of this year, get out your monthly calendars and 3-5 very specific goals and get to work! The clock is still on.

As always, if you’ve got comments, questions, thoughts or anything you’d like to share with us at all, you know how to do that – in the dialogue box here or the comments section on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). I love your questions and your comments! Let me know any topics that you’d like me to cover in my blog as well.

Until we see each other in person, live very, very deliberately.

Bye for now!

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